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Uplift Aviation LLC

Uplift Aviation LLC is a US Veteran owned & operated business. When we aren't in the process of acquiring, selling, or managing aircraft for our amazing clients, we can be found where we are happiest... in the sky! Uplift was founded by a pilot, for pilots, and the rest of the aviation community.

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Cameron Lee Heddings


Cameron's passion for aviation started at a very young age. At 14 he took his first lesson and there was no turning back. Since then Cameron has logged thousands of hours in over 100 different makes & models of aircraft. He currently holds an ATP, CFII/ MEI and numerous type-ratings to include experimental jets. Over the years he has flown hundreds of combat sorties in various locations around the globe. Cameron continues to consult on various aviation matters in regards to anti-terrorism & disaster relief around the world. As a big advocate for general aviation and flight training, he can often be found flying aerobatics or classic jets when he isn't working with clients. As a US Army combat veteran and passionate aviator, Cameron is always more than happy to share his experience and expertise with anyone that is interested.

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