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Uplift Aviation LLC

Uplift Aviation LLC, owned and operated by U.S. Veterans, is a business driven by an unwavering passion for aviation. When we're not actively engaged in the acquisition, sale, or management of aircraft for our esteemed clients, we find ourselves truly in our element – soaring through the skies! Founded by a pilot with an extensive knowledge and love for aviation, Uplift is dedicated to serving not only pilots but also the entire aviation community.

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Cameron Lee Heddings


Cameron's journey in aviation reflects a perfect mix of passion and practicality. His fascination with flying started early when he took his first flight lesson at just 14 years old. This experience ignited a strong dedication to aviation, leading him to accumulate thousands of flight hours in over 120 different aircraft types. As the CEO of Uplift Aviation, what sets Cameron apart is his unique perspective on the aviation industry. He believes in the value of firsthand experience with the aircraft he deals with, making him a strong advocate for understanding and interacting with the products he sells, acquires, or manages. This hands-on approach has been invaluable to his ever-growing list of clients that include high net-worth individuals, government agencies, and large corporations, all seeking his expertise and guidance in the world of aviation.

Cameron holds ratings that include ATP, CFII/MEI, and multiple type ratings, even covering experimental jets. His extensive flight experience, along with his personal ownership of multiple aircraft, gives him unparalleled insight into the world of aviation. Additionally, as a combat veteran of the U.S. Army and having extensive piloting experience for various government agencies, he has conducted hundreds of combat sorties worldwide. Whether helping business flight departments or devising aviation strategies for combat zones, he generously shares his wealth of experience to benefit the industry as a whole.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cameron's love for aviation remains at the core of his life. He actively promotes general aviation and flight training, cherishing opportunities to fly aerobatics and pilot classic jets. Moreover, his active role in managing his privately owned airport showcases his commitment to the growth and development of the aviation community. Always eager to share his knowledge and experiences, Cameron's approach to aviation is based on dedication, expertise, and a genuine passion for flight.

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